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Beijinger's daily life 北京市民的日常风貌

Ordinary people ordinary life 普通的生活 普通的商品


Wine shop.


Christmas decorations in Beijing Shopping Mall 2010.


New Zealand Honey in Beijing Shopping Mall.


Cloisonne is a traditional Beijing artwork. It is an ancient technique of decorating metals with enamels, which existed as early as in the Yuan Dynasty (1271 to 1368), but was popularized during the Ming Dynasty, under Jingtai Emperor (1449 to 1457).


Snuff bottles (鼻烟壶)and powdered tobacco was introduced to China during the 14th century. The mos sort after bottles were the "inside painted" snuff bottles, which oringated in Beijing during the 17th century. These bottles are only around 5cm high and are painted using a hooked brush through the neck of the bottle in reverse.


"Jing" embroidery (京绣). Jing Xiu is also known as Gong Xiu (宫绣), which originated within the Imperial Palace. Jing Xiu dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907).


Chinese Lacquer Ware (漆雕) is a traditional Beijing artwork that existed 7,000 years ago. Chinese lacquer is a natural subsstance from the sap of the lacquer tree, which is common throughout China. When the lacquer sap is exposed to air, it forms a hard resistant coat. In lacquer wares, a base coat is applied to a core material, such as metal or wood, followed by subsequent layers.



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